Stacked Espresso Concentrate


Stacked Espresso Extract – Stacked Espresso Concentrate. 1:5 ratio for strong coffee.

Double Stack. Keep your Stacked Espresso Concentrate with you all the time.

A process for preparing a stable aromatic and flavorful concentrated cup of coffee.

Filtered and pressurized hot water flows upwards through columnar beds of freshly ground coffee, which vents air minimizing channeling and creating a uniform extraction.

Instead of being oxidized or burned aromatic volatiles are re-infused into the concentrate retaining a full spectrum of flavors and aromas.


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    Today I went into my local New Seasons looking for an instant coffee. I bought this Stacked Espresso concentrate. It has a delicious buttery flavor and mixed with milk (it says water, I know) it tastes just like a latte. I have been a barista for 5 years, and this is some delicious concentrate. I don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner, very good job. If I could give 5 stars I would.

    • Dan Bruner

      Thanks Jaycee! We are proud of the quality, taste and ease of use for our concentrate. Please tell your friends…

  2. Jim

    Lived in the jungles of Costa Rica for a couple of years.
    Got my coffee direct from the local farmers and cooperative roasters.
    Brewed it in the traditional “sock” and wire frame every morning
    into an enamel camp mug that can engulf my clenched fist.
    Love your “Stacked Espresso Concentrate” product.
    Nothing else will do.

    • Dan Bruner

      Thanks Jim great compliment. Nothing taste better to me then drinking locally grown coffee
      in country of origin. Spent some time in Nicaragua, loved it! Dan

  3. Shelby Schneider

    I got a sample of this at New Seasons about …a month ago. I NEVER buy something that I just sampled…well, until now. The only problem is, I have been away, and sort of forgot I bought this…how long will it stay fresh in the refrigerator? I haven’t opened it yet, will try tomorrow!! It was AMAZING…curious to check it out tomorrow. Good stuff!!

  4. Lauren Bierer

    I can not get enough of this stuff! I grabbed it from New Seasons on a whim and now I am completely hooked! So smooth, rich and tasty in every way I’ve had it-Americano, iced, lattes, etc. Great great brew! Cheers.

  5. Sannytoons

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

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